So, you want to be published. Good idea. If it’s with us, here’s a few things to take note of…

1) While we publish a number of different things, from notebooks, mugs, tins etc, we almost always start with a card range. If the cards are successful then we can think about gifts or stationery.

2) We’d want something that is ‘rangeable’. This means we print a range of 14 or 17 different cards depending on the size, so they have to work together and individually, obviously.

3) Nice art without words is just nice art. Similarly, submitting just words with no artwork is half the job.

4) Think about how and why cards (in particular) will be bought and why they would be sent. There has to be a reason to send it, so the card has to have a purpose.

5) Cards that just say ‘hello’ don’t really work anymore. They used to, but when texting, email and social media came into being, all that stopped. People still send birthday cards, and most of the occasions i.e. wedding, good luck, anniversary, new baby etc. And thank you cards, people still send those too.

6) But we’d start with either 14-17 designs of ‘everyday’ cards, which is about 80% birthday, or all occasion cards. The difference is where they’re displayed in the stores. Occasion cards are often separated into their sending situation or occasion, whilst everyday cards are usually displayed together, which we prefer in order to see if the consumer is really interested.

7) Words, or at least some of them, should be at the top. A card rack can cover a lot of the design, so consumers need a lead in at the very least.

8) You can just email me at Small jpegs, a PDF, or a link to a page that is full of relevant designs, taking into account the above. I personally view and respond to every email, but sometimes it takes a few days.

9) The UK sells more cards per head than anywhere else in the world, with women buying and sending at least 80% of all cards. The UK is known for being a creative hub of card design, and are widely acknowledged as being the best in the world.

19) Having said the above, it’s very rare that a range of cards or gifts would be popular and successful everywhere. Different tastes and understanding etc.

I wish there was a magic formula for something being successful, but there isn’t. All we can do is try, and they’ll be thumbs up or down for everyone I’m afraid. Just being honest !